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Start up funding and finance

Smashed piggy bank - start up funding and finance{{}}To succeed in business you must be able to manage money. Once you’ve worked out your start-up costs and how you are going to fund your new business, once you’re up and running you’ll need to be able to manage your cashflow if your business is to survive and grow.

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Can social media help your business?

Can social media help your business? - Twitter graphic{{}}Social media has revolutionised the way businesses communicate. It has enabled small firms to widen their exposure and strengthen ties with customers. And, in many ways, it has levelled the online playing field for small businesses.

How social media marketing can help your business

Start-up stories

How we started our microbrewery business - beer garden{{}}“Base your business on something you love. That way it won’t seem like work and it will drive you on when the going gets tough”

John Marsden of the Melwood Beer Company

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