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Start-up business ideas

Start up buisness ideas - lightbulb{{}}

Where do good business ideas come from? Inspiration can come when least expected, often when someone spots a gap in the market. ‘Eureka’ moments can give rise to unique products and services, but most business owners simply set out to improve an existing business idea. Before launch, you need to test your business idea thoroughly.

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Set business goals for 2015

Setting goals for 2015{{}}"The start of a new year is a perfect time to set objectives if you don’t already have some, or revisit your existing objectives and set new ones for the year ahead”

What goals should you set for your business?

Start-up stories

Rob and Paul Forkan – Gandys flip-flops{{}}

“We haven’t tried to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – just to create a great product and brand with a difference, one that donates some of its profits to desperately underprivileged children”

Rob Forkan of Gandys flip-flops

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